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Waverly Health Center

M-CIT is a rehabilitation treatment for people who have hemiplegia, most commonly stroke survivors. It requires the patient to work very hard at home (3-5 hours a day, 5 days a week) practicing activities using only the affected arm.

The patient will also participate in 3 occupational therapy sessions a week to monitor progress, update the home program and provide other treatments as assessed. M-CIT may include restraining the unaffected arm with a mitt and/or sling. The activities practiced are chosen by the patient and have meaning to them. This treatment is specialized for each person.

If the patient agrees to participate in M-CIT, he/she will sign a behavioral contract with the OT to take mutual responsibility for therapy. The patient will be given a workbook with activities to practice on. Examples of activities are: drinking out of a glass, writing, dressing, all with the affected arm. Time spent on each activity is recorded and added up each day.

With the loss of a brain area’s function as happens in a stroke, the body part associated with that area loses movement. As the patient cannot move the affected limb, he/she compensates by using the other limb. When the damage effects are not present anymore and brain re-adaptations happen, the movements could be recovered, but the patient has already 'learned' that the limb is no longer functional. You "use is or lose it".

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