Occupational Health

Programs to Improve Your Wellbeing

Wellness goes beyond helping people get back to a level of physical fitness they once enjoyed. At Taylor Physical Therapy, we offer occupational health and wellness services that encourage overall wellness through our Denver and Waverly Clinics. These services are available to individuals or to employers looking at implementing a wellness program for their employees. For business owners, it helps to promote an active workplace, but our program can also improve safety and health for employees with components like:

  • Pre-employment health screenings.
  • Ergonomic assessments and functional capacity testing to help employers better define job requirements for applicants and to set production expectations for employees.
  • Functional Movement Screenings and injury prevention services to assess potential injury risks for employees while performing their standard job duties.

Our goal is to ensure that your employees not only have a safe, and healthy work environment but to aid you in clearly defining their job roles as a way to set clear expectations and increase workplace productivity.

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