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There are a lot of questions that come with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation. Whether you want to learn more about what role various members of our team will play in your therapy or you want to know what to expect during your first visit, we are happy to provide you with the answers you need. Check out some answers to our more common frequently asked questions by browsing through the topics below.

What is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a health care profession dedicated to the prevention, treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders.

What is a Physical Therapist?

A Physical Therapist is a professional who has obtained a graduate degree from an accredited physical therapy program and passed a national licensing examination. A PT is trained to evaluate a movement dysfunction, assess muscles, ligaments and joints, and develop a plan of care to address a patients complaint.

What is a Physical Therapy Assistant?

A Physical Therapist Assistant acts under the direction of a Physical Therapist and follows the plan of care devised by a physical therapist to assist patients through their rehabilitation program. A Physical Therapist Assistant has obtained a Associates Degree from an Accredited program and has passed their state licensing examination.

What will happen during my initial visit?

  • You will be asked to fill out a brief medical history and consent for treatment form, please fill out new patient paperwork prior to arriving at your first appointment.
  • Your Physical Therapist will complete an initial evaluation of your complaint including a history of your present complaint, symptoms, tests and treatments you have had, medications and effect of your symptoms on your work and home life.
  • Your therapist will complete tests relating to your diagnosis possibly including your strength, range of motion, gait, balance and functional ability.
  • Your final questions and concerns will be addressed and then your therapist will discuss your treatment plan with you.
  • You will receive treatment.
  • For your initial visit please allow an hour.

How long will I need therapy?

Your doctor may have written on your order a specific treatment and duration for treatment or they may have left it up to your therapist's discretion. Typically a patient is seen two to three times a week but the frequency is dependent on your diagnosis. Your therapist will give you an anticipated time line following your initial evaluation and will continue to update you on expectations as your treatment progresses.

What will I have to pay?

We recommend that you check on your insurance coverage for physical therapy services prior to your first appointment. Some insurance plans require that you meet an annual deductible before their coverage kicks in, others require a co-pay with each visit. Our therapist will work to provide your insurance provider with all of the necessary documentation to ensure optimal coverage for your care.

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