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Rehab Injuries & Improve Athletic Performance

From children participating in youth sports to college athletes competing at the highest level, Taylor Physical Therapy can develop a program that can not only improve athletic performance, but help athletes recover from injury so they can return to competition.

Get Better on the Field

Whether you need to recover from an injury or you’re looking to take your game to the next level, Taylor Physical Therapy can help. Fill out the form below to contact our team and get started.

Sports Rehabilitation - All Clinic Locations

Injuries are part of sports, but with our dedicated team of physical therapists, athletes can return to competition in a safe and efficient manner.

We work with local athletes to not only help them recover from injuries by developing a custom rehabilitation program, but to help prevent future injuries. These programs will help you recover, but will also allow you to progress so you can to return to competition when you’re ready, not before.

We also provide progress reports for coaches and parents, as well as education for athletes so they understand their injuries.

Athletes may contact us to schedule a free injury evaluation during regular business hours or stop in at our Saturday morning sports clinic in Waverly during the fall sports season.

Strength & Conditioning Programs - Parkersburg and Waverly Clinics

Taylor Physical Therapy can also help athletes reach their peak performance level with our sports performance training program. This program develops sports-specific, position-specific and age-specific skills over the course of six weeks with two to three sessions per week. This program is designed to emphasize sport specific training to maximize performance, identify potential weaknesses in individual athletes, and corrects them with specialized exercises designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility to maximize performance while reducing the risk of injury. Our program is led by our director of sports performance, who is both a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. This unique combination of knowledge allows him bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance with our athletes as they either work to return to play following injury or strive to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

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Athletic Training Services

Our athletic training staff provides on-site coverage at local high schools. During games, our trainers provide acute care to any athlete that sustains an injury and, when needed, work with physicians to execute a rehabilitation program to help athletes recover from injury. We currently provide athletic training services for the following schools:

  • Waverly-Shell Rock High School: Fulltime Athletic Training Certification (ATC) covering lifting, practice and athletic events. Weekly onsite assessments and Saturday Sports Clinic in the fall. 
  • Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School: Special summer time sports conditioning programs.
  • Tripoli Schools: Fulltime Athletic Training Certification (ATC) covering practice one day per week, event coverage for football and home wrestling tournaments.
  • Nashua-Plainfield Schools: Fulltime Athletic Training Certification (ATC) covering practice one day per week, event coverage for football games.
  • North Butler Community Schools: Event coverage for football games.
  • Sumner-Fredericksburg High School: Fulltime Athletic Training Certification (ATC) weekly coverage for Volleyball and Track and Field.
  • Janesville High School: Weekly evaluation and assessment of athletic injuries.

We also provide strength and conditioning training services for Club Iowa Volleyball (CIA).

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