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Taylor Physical Therapy’s occupational therapy services are designed to treat a variety of disorders related to physical, cognitive, perceptual and developmental disabilities regardless of age.

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Whether you need short-term therapy to recover from an injury or need to learn skills to help you live with a prolonged condition, Taylor Physical Therapy can help. Fill out the form below to learn more.

Occupational Therapy Overview

These services are each focused on helping patients of all ages, from pediatric patients to geriatric patients. The main goal is to provide patients with the training and necessary tools to regain and retain the independence they want. Our Occupational Therapy staff utilizes specific therapy exercise prescription, home modification recommendations, and instruction in the use of adaptive equipment in order to help patients improve tasks such as:

  • Grooming
  • Oral hygiene
  • Bathing and showering
  • Using the restroom
  • Using personal care devices
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparation and eating
  • Home maintenance
  • Maintaining a medication routine
  • Money management
  • Socialization
  • Functional mobility
  • Community mobility
  • Leisure activities
  • Driving and off the road driver assessment
  • Cognitive standardized testing
  • Custom fabricated splinting

Many of our occupational therapy sessions are offered in our Easy Street environment, which allows us to create realistic situations to simulate the tasks patients encounter in their daily lives.

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Home Modifications

Our occupational therapy services are designed to give our patients the tools they need so they can maintain their independence at home. However, these services only go so far, because it’s also important that your home is set up in a way that will allow you to be successful. Our occupational therapists can assess your home to make sure everything is set up to meet your functional ability, allowing you to remain safe. We recommend adjustments that include environmental modifications and adding adaptive equipment. These services are available to patients of all ages and abilities, regardless of health condition, sensory impairment or motor impairment.


Home Health & Nursing Home Rehabilitation Services

Taylor Physical Therapy also provides contracted physical therapy services for nursing homes, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and home health agencies. These services ensure patients receive regular therapy services in their living environment, where they are more comfortable. Our therapists develop programs for each patient that will help them improve in function and safety or decrease pain. We provide contract physical and occupational therapy services for:

  • Butler County Public Health
  • Community Based Services Home Health (Bremer County)
  • Palmer Home Health
  • Denver Sunset Home
  • Clarksville Community Nursing Home
  • Hillcrest Nursing Home (Sumner)
  • Tripoli Nursing Home
  • Whispering Willows Assisted Living Facility (Fredricksburg)
  • Cedar Vale Assisted Living Facility (Nashua)
  • Parker Place (Parkersburg)
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