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Occupational Health and Wellness

Taylor Physical Therapy’s division of occupational health, located at Waverly Industrial Rehab, offers clinic-based and on-site services that are designed to benefit both the employer and employee. The various programs offered are comprehensive and data driven, and focus on the functional aspect of the workplace. 

Waverly Industrial Rehab

Now open, Waverly Industrial Rehab (WIR) is a partnership between Taylor Physical Therapy and Summit Industrial Medicine dedicated to serving the workforce of northeast Iowa. By uniting medical, rehabilitative, and wellness providers in one facility, we enhance continuity of care and streamline communication that cannot be matched elsewhere in northeast Iowa. With the ability to offer same day appointments, Waverly industrial Rehab is equipped to meet all of your occupational health and wellness needs to minimize workforce absence and maximize recovery.


Clinic Based Services

Providing care for the industrial injury requires a distinct skill set. From communicating with providers and case managers to designing therapy exercises that replicate the demands of a job, every detail counts. The physical and occupational therapists and athletic trainers at Waverly Industrial Rehab have specialized training to meet these particular needs. Offering a variety of pre-employment, post-accident and post-injury services, the providers at Waverly Industrial Rehab are passionate about going above and beyond to be an integrated part of the workman's compensation care team. 


On-Site Services

Taylor Therapy's on-site programs are designed with injury prevention in mind. By implementing exercises that counteract the daily forces of the workplace, the Industrial Performance Enhancement Program is designed to reduce injuries, improve overall employee well-being, and enhance company culture related to safety and job satisfaction. The Early Intervention Clinic provides a resource for the employee to utilize to address aches and discomforts before they result in injuries while decreasing recordables and resulting insurance consequences. The option of an a la cart menu allows for each business to utilize services that meet their unique needs.


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