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Taylor Physical Therapy is not only passionate about rehabilitation after injuries occur but injury prevention too! Our independent wellness programs are designed to prevent injuries for athletes of all levels from the traveling 13U volleyball stars, weekend race warriors, collegiate starting point guard and beyond! The post-therapy wellness programs are designed for individuals who have graduated from physical therapy yet need assistance with returning to sport-specific tasks or need guidance on how to progress their exercises.

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Baseline Concussion Testing

Taylor Physical Therapy is proud to be providing baseline concussion assessments to the general public, aimed towards our youth student-athletes involved in competitive and recreational sports! Our goal is to help you gather information now to help with recovery later!

What is baseline concussion testing?

Concussion baseline testing gathers information before a concussion that is then used during the rehabilitation process after a concussion occurs. Having baseline information prior to the concussion provides the therapist with the athlete's personal "norm" and a goal to work towards during the recovery process. It improves the understanding of when the athlete's brain has returned to pre-injury function and allows the therapist to center the treatment plan specifically around that athlete's unique needs. Sustaining baseline testing is the gold standard to promote the best possible outcomes for a student athlete who obtains a concussion. 

How does baseline concussion testing take place?

Our athletic training and sports medicine staff will take your sons and daughters through baseline concussion testing utilizing Sway Medical, a platform created to test, organize, and store baseline concussion data that can then be utilized in the case of a future head injury. After registration, your son or daughter will download the "Sway Medical App" on their phone to perform the testing. The assessment consists of a series of tests which will gather information on your child's:

reaction timeinspection time
impulse control


Where will testing take place?

Testing will take place at Waverly Health Center at Tendrils Roof Top Garden.

When will testing take place?

Testing will take place at 7:00 pm on:

 - Thursday, August 31st

 - Thursday, September 7th

*** Please arrive at least 15 minutes early with the Sway Medical application already downloaded on your personal phone.

Who is eligible to sign-up for baseline concussion testing?

Our baseline concussion testing is offered to anyone currently in 7th grade or older. Candidates include athletes that participate in recreational sports such as rugby or club soccer, as well as middle and high school sponsored activities such as football or volleyball. Testing is inclusive to all sports, not just those considered high risk or occur in the fall season. We are happy to baseline test any athlete that resides in the near communities we serve, including Waverly, Denver, Nashua, Sumner, and Parkersburg.

Please note, currently all of our student-athletes at Waverly-Shell Rock High School and Aplington-Parkersburg High School complete this testing with our athletic trainers at their respective schools, so there would be no need for your HIGH SCHOOL student enrolled at those schools to register for baseline concussion testing. Testing for student-athletes at W-SR and A-P is coordinated and carried out on your respective high school campus between your athletic trainers and your coaching staffs. Students enrolled in middle school at these schools remain candidates for our program!

Is there a cost for baseline concussion testing?

Yes, there is a cost of $30/individual for baseline concussion testing.

How do we register for baseline concussion testing?

Registration can be done using the link or QR code!





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Functional Movement Screen


The Functional Movement screen is designed to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance by identifying faulty movement patterns that place an individual at increased risk for injury. Patients can expect an individualized plan structured in the following way:

Visit 1:

  • Discussion to understand your personal physical activity goals and aspirations as well as history of previous injury
  • Completion of seven movements which evaluate the stability and mobility of various joints throughout the body

Visit 2:

  • Instruction of individualized corrective exercise to address the areas of concern

Visit 3:

  • Four week follow-up to evaluate initial progress and review corrective exercise prescription


The clinic is geared toward active individuals looking to improve their performance and decrease their likelihood of future injury. The clinic is not geared toward individuals that currently have an injury or need treatment or evaluation for such. The FMS can be completed by athletes and community members of all ages who are in all stages of competition. Screen now and prevent an injury later!

*Currently injured individuals may benefit best from seeking more traditional physical therapy that also includes a thorough assessment for more emphasis on the treatment of symptoms. Call Taylor Physical Therapy to discuss an evaluation with any of our skilled therapists.


The Functional Movement Screen can be completed at our Waverly clinic. Please come prepared with athletic attire that will not restrict your movement.


The Functional Movement Screen costs $165 and includes three 40-minute visits as outlined above.

Visit Availability:

The Functional Movement Screen will be available by appointment only, Monday through Friday.

About Your Athletic Trainer:

Taylor Physical Therapy's team of athletic trainers are equipped with specialized training in the Functional Movement Screen to address faulty movement patterns, improve performance, and prevent injury! Each athletic trainer has a passion to serve and help you achieve your physical activity goals!

To set up your appointment: Call Taylor Physical Therapy at Waverly Health Center and ask for Abby: 319-352-5644.


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The Runner's Clinic

The Runner's Clinic is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to improving running performance and injury prevention. Patients can expect an individualized plan incorporating:

  • A thorough assessment incorporating a functional movement screen, assessment of lower extremity strength and flexibility
  • Video gait analysis assessment
  • Instruction in corrective exercise to target asymmetries and weakness to enhance power and endurance needed for running
  • Education in gait re-training to optimizing efficiency, improve form and decrease the risk of injury
  • Shoe, training, and nutrition recommendations


The clinic is gears towards the non-injured or previously, but not currently, injured runner. Beginners to elite runners are welcomed! Currently injured runners may benefit best from seeking more traditional physical therapy that also includes a thorough assessment for more emphasis on the treatment of symptoms. Please contact Taylor Physical Therapy to set up your appointment. You can still request to be seen by our running specialist!


Client assessment will take place at Taylor Physical Therapy at the Waverly Health Center. Please come prepared with your running shoes as well as running attire.


The Runner's Clinic participation includes two 45-60 minute sessions that include video gait analysis and evaluation of lower extremity flexibility, strength assessment, and functional movement screen. Cost is $165 for the two sessions.


The Runner's Clinic will be available by appointment during the week as well as on select Saturday mornings throughout the year!

About Your Therapist

Jennifer Burke is a graduate of the University if Iowa Physical Therapy program and a native of northeast Iowa. She has been practicing physical therapy for 10 years and specializes in the treatment of orthopedic, vestibular, running and chronic pain patients. Her love for running and triathlons began during college. She has completed 5 marathons, numerous half-marathons, 5Ks and 10Ks, sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and has completed a half Ironman.

To set up your appointment

Please call Taylor Physical Therapy at 319-352-5644 and ask for Abby.


Post-Therapy Wellness Programs

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Sports Medicine: Bridging The Gap

Taylor Physical Therapy recognizes that there is a transition period between formal physical therapy and the ability for the athlete to return to participation in their full capacity. As healthcare professionals who specialize in sports medicine, we offer our services to bridge this gap and help the athlete feel physically and mentally confident in returning to sports at their highest level of function after discharge from therapy.

Who is the Program For: Any athlete who has graduated from physical therapy and:

  • Would benefit from one-on-one guidance to bridge the gap between formal therapy and return to sport
  • Needs a resource to progress a home exercise program
  • Desires a maintenance program for the progress made during physical therapy

*This program also provides supplemental therapy for when the athlete's therapy visits are limited by insurance.

What does this program offer:

  • One-on-one instruction by a sports medicine health care professional 
  • A goal-orientated and sport specific plan of care to meet the athlete's physical and mental needs to return to sport safely
  • Exercise prescription for injury prevention as well as strengthening and flexibility maintenance programs

Call Taylor Physical Therapy at Waverly Health Center to learn more about scheduling and associated costs. 319-352-5644

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At Taylor Physical Therapy, we recognize that there is a need for a medically-oriented, post-therapy wellness program. As health care professionals, we want the patient to continue to be successful even after their formal therapy is complete. Our post-therapy BeneFIT program will allow the patient to continue to reach their goals.

Who is the program for: Anyone who has completed a formal physical therapy program and:

  • Would benefit from one-on-one exercise guidance
  • Needs a resource to progress a home exercise program
  • Desires a maintenance program for the progress made during physical therapy

*This program can also provide supplemental therapy for when the athlete's therapy visits are limited by insurance.

What does the program offer: 

  • One-on-one instruction by a sports medicine health care professional
  • A goal-oriented plan of care "Taylored" to meet individual needs
  • The time, space, and equipment to keep moving
  • Exercise prescription to improve the ability to complete activities of daily living

Call Taylor Physical Therapy at Waverly Health Center to learn more about scheduling and associated costs. 319-352-5644



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Post-Therapy Aquatic Wellness Program

Taylor Physical Therapy is excited to offer a cost-conscious, post-therapy, aquatic program to keep you moving! The Post-Therapy Aquatic Wellness Program is medically supervised and can help maintain or build on the progress you made during physical therapy!

  • Sessions are by appointment only
  • Sessions are led by a healthcare professional with a 1:4 instructor to participant ratio
  • An individualized plan of care is developed for maintenance or progression as outlined by the previous treating therapist

This program is held at the Waverly Health Center pool on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Terms and Conditions: This is a post-therapy wellness program, meaning recent completion of physical and aquatic therapy at Taylor Physical Therapy is required.

How to Register: During therapy or after discharge from Taylor Physical Therapy, discuss a referral to this program with your therapist. 

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